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For many the choice of frame is the most important and difficult aspect to wearing spectacles. The frame can be selected for many reasons – as a reflection of someone’s personality, for strength, comfort, or just purely on the colour. Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer as to what frame anyone should choose – so long as it is suitable functionally.

Over the last few years there have been significant developments in materials used in spectacles and this has led to new designs and concepts as well as new colourings being used in frames.

Key developments have seen an increased use of lightweight materials which can provide the ultimate in comfort.

These are exemplified by Silhouette who specialise in high quality eyewear. Their rimless frames combine the lightest of materials with cutting edge design to give truly beautiful frames. For those wanting more striking frames we also stock frames from a range of designers including, Prada Gucci Calvin Klein Ted Baker and Oakley

This can mean that for many the choice is overwhelming, but there are some there are some general guidelines which are useful to bear in mind when considering a new frame.

Facial Shapes

These differ from person to person and certain facial shapes will benefit from different styles of frame. Typically there are considered to be five main facial shapes: Round, Square, Oval, Oblong and triangular.

Frames can be used to maximise the positive aspects or minimise the negative aspects of your face shape. For example a long oblong face can benefit from a wider frame to break up the long shape. Taking a bit of time to look in the mirror and decide what shape your face is may well make it easier for you to find the perfect frame.

Hair and facial colourings

These play a significant part in making a frame appear right on your face, even down to the way in which your hair is styled.

Paler complexions will find that dark frames stand out from the face and tend to look larger whereas softly coloured frames will blend in and complement the facial colourings more. For those with darker complexions plain silver or gold will have a dramatic appearance and darker colours such as shades of brown or copper will be more subtle.

Prescription requirements

Your prescription can play a big part in the overall suitability of a frame – as a rule of thumb the higher the prescription the thicker and heavier the lens will be in a large frame. Hence a small frame will be better both cosmetically and from a weight point of view. BUT if you need a bifocal or varifocal lens be wary of going too small!

All of our staff are experienced at assisting in the selection of frames and will always give honest opinions about the suitability of a frame for you and be able to offer you alternatives for your facial shape and colouring.