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Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Wear is becoming more popular as the convenience and comfort of them continues to improve. With new lens materials and manufacturing techniques there is now a Contact Lens suitable for virtually everybody. Whether you want to wear the lenses full time or occasionally, just for fun to change your eye colour or instead of bifocal or Varifocal glasses there is almost always a lens available.

Contact lenses give you the freedom to see clearly and sharply with the ultimate in all round vision. For sport and many leisure activities they are ideal, and with the latest disposable lenses they offer excellent convenience.

As an independent group we are able to deal with all manufacturers to provide you with the best lens choices.

Different Lens Types

There is a huge choice of different Contact Lenses available which is potentially confusing. We can advise you as to which is most appropriate for your needs, but essentially they can be divided into four main groups: Disposable Soft Lenses, Conventional Soft Lenses and Gas Permeable Lenses.

Disposable Soft Lenses

These are the most popular type of lenses worn as they offer the greatest convenience and comfort. Combined with the latest soft silicon hydrogel materials these lenses provide the perfect combination of comfort and health. As the name, disposable, suggests the lenses are thrown away after a number of wears – typically monthly, fortnightly, weekly or even daily. This means that you are always using a clean fresh lens improving the comfort and the hygiene of contact lens wear. Daily disposable lenses are the most popular type of lens. They offer the ultimate in convenience and the health of your eyes with a fresh new sterile lens being used each day. Comfortable to wear and, as they require no cleaning – you just throw the lens away at the end of the day – life couldn’t be any easier.

Conventional Soft Lenses

Made of similar types of materials as the disposable soft lenses these tend to be for more specialist prescriptions.

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas Permeable lenses are made of a rigid material which allows the eye to breathe. Whilst not quite as comfortable as soft lenses they soon settle down to give excellent comfort. These lenses are often used for correcting high levels of astigmatism.

Time to try?

If you have never worn or have little previous experience of contact lenses we will need to see you for a sight test and full Contact Lens trial over a number of appointments. During these we will discuss your optical needs, fit the most appropriate lens, check your level of vision and the comfort of the lenses, teach you how to put in and remove the lenses and carry out an initial aftercare check up.